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Fashion Capital Christmas Opening Hours



So you do not have to hit the Christmas rush as fashion capital, in Allders, has extended their opening times.

  From 19th November Thursday Late night shopping extends to 8pm

From 29th November Sundays open an extra half an hour early for previews


Saturday 6th December 2009                        Open   8.30-8pm

Monday 7th December 2009                        Open   9.30-8pm

Tuesday 8th December 2009                        Open   9.30-8pm

Wednesday 9th December 2009                   Open   9.30-8pm

Thursday 10th December 2009                    Open   9.30-9pm

Friday 11th December 2009                         Open 9.30-8pm

Saturday 12th December 2009                      Open 8.30-6pm

Sunday 13th December 2009                        Open 10.30-5pm

Monday 14th December 2009                       Open 9-9pm

Tuesday 15th December 2009                       Open 9-9pm

Wednesday 16th December 2009                  Open 9-9pm

Thursday 17th December 2009                      Open 9-9pm

Friday 18th December 2009                           Open 9-9pm

Saturday 19th December 2009                       Open 8.30-7pm

Sunday 20th December 2009                          Open 10.30-5pm

Monday 21st December 2009                         Open 9-9pm

Tuesday 22en December 2009                       Open 9-9pm

Wednesday 23rd December 2009                  Open 9-9pm

Thursday 24th December 2009                      Open 9-9pm

Friday 25th December 2009                             CLOSED

Saturday 26th December 2009                         CLOSED

Sunday 27th December 2009                          Open 10.30-5.30pm

Monday 28th December 2009                         Open 10-5pm

Tuesday 29th December 2009                         Open 9.30-6pm

Wednesday 30th December 2009                    Open 9.30-6pm

Thursday 31st December 2009                        Open 9.30-5pm

Friday 1st January 2010                                        CLOSED

From Saturday 2ed January 2010 Normal trading hours resume.

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