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Jobs Fair With Affinity Sutton


Welcome a wide range of people with numerous skills of all ages, Fashion Enter hosted a Jobs Fair at the Factory in Collaboration with Affinity Sutton, Love London Working and Haringey Council to highlight the many opportunities that are available here.

Jenny Holloway welcomed the group of guests into the factory and presented them with an overview of all of our sister companies, informing them of all that we do here.

“You are all very much welcome here at Fashion Enter!”

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From the Fashion Technology Academy to Fashion Enter, FashionCapital and the FC Fabric Studio Jenny shared the history of the companies detailing the hard work and dedication as well as all of the help and support that the company has seen since its launch, and how as a social enterprise this support is fundamental.

Heading to the factory floor to provide a tour of the facilities, the guests were introduced to many of the skilled workers we have here; from Factory Manager Chris to our pattern cutters, seamstresses, studio manager, apprentices and tutors, each presented a different insight into their specific careers and areas.

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Jenny also gave insight into the health and safety requirements and procedures within the factory…

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Upon arrival to the Fashion Technology Academy, attendees were presented with the chance to get hands on and have a go at using the sewing machines where Layla and Melissa our stitching academy tutors where on hand to give guidance and support to those in need.  Many thoroughly enjoyed this approach and informed us that the ability to have a go, see the students work and even speak to our students was inspiring and insightful!

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Ending the tour, Development Manager Jenni Sutton discussed all current availabilities here within education and work.

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From apprenticeships to jobs and our Level 1 and 2 stitching academy and perfect patterns courses we have much to offer those looking to gain further skills within fashion, textiles and manufacturing.

“Nothing ventured, nothing gained.” – Jenny Hollway, CEO of Fashion Enter.

Today has been an extremely successful day and we looking forward to working with everyone in the near future.

Those in attendance commented the following;

“From the jobs fair today I have learnt that there are alternative opportunities that I can transfer my home taught sewing skills to.  It has been very inspiring and motivating.” – Marva

“I have learnt the steps I need to take in order to pursue my career as a designer.” – Charon

“Today has taught me that it is never too late to learn!” – Sezay

“The jobs fair has taught me a great deal regarding the production process.” – Jamshid

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