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Fashion SVP: Sourcing Solutions Under One Roof


fashion svpHeld at Olympia, London, on the 28th and 29th June visitors can see all that manufacturing has to offer, from full-service knitwear and jersey wear production to high quality sewing services, design and pattern cutting services, materials testing and technical services.

The event houses over 100 manufacturers from over 15 countries, including UK, France, Italy, Lithuania, Portugal, Russia, Macedonia, Spain, Egypt, Greece, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Romania, Tunisia, Peru, Poland and Turkey. These highly skilled producers will be showing samples of what they produce, such as jersey wear, wovens, knits of high-end designer fashions and more.

New features are being incorporated into the June edition include an exciting Innovations Focus, featuring the latest in 3D printing technology! Learn more about the modeclix project and expect to see appealing dresses that are not only comfortable, but also very durable. Additionally, 3DSystems will explain the technology behind some of the innovative 3D printers and will be displaying a variety of items already in production. Expect to see live demonstrations and exciting displays of 3D printed catwalk fashion.

Additionally Fashion SVP will provide the latest information about current sourcing issues and developments, via its fascinating conference and seminar sessions. A variety of topics will be presented by leading industry experts including invited guest speaker Jenny Holloway CEO of FashionCapital.

Fashion SVP has been widely applauded by buyers and the press. To register online as a visitor at www.fashionsvp.com

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