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Jennifer Hooper’s Fashion Blog – Fashion Enter Party Plan


jenny H blog saleAfter a very busy Wellbeing Surgery that morning, I had already planned to get the Metropolitan line down to Rickmansworth that afternoon to experience probably the first mobile Fashion Enter’s Clothes Sale Party this side of town not too far from Ruislip. 

It was in the 1980’s I remember this kind of hub being a way that friends and I would have fun at each other’s houses.  Maybe this recent trip is a way to get a network of like-minded individuals connected.

It was great to meet for the first time Cath Patton, Area Sales Manager (Southern Region) and her daughter Lucy Patton, Area Assistant Manager (Southern Region) at the Fashion Capital Home Boutique.  Firstly, I was wondering what was on sale and what this operation was all about.  It soon became apparent that their relationship with firms like ASOS.com and other designers might well afford an opportunity at their boutique to grab a bargain for end of line designs.  However, I wondered if this was also an opportunity for amateurs to showcase eventually?  Maybe, one can only ask to materialise the dream.  It was also nice to see a few ’black numbers’ of items that raised eyebrows, but it was the paisley dress that I tried on and walked away with for a bargain price.

I am hoping that Cath and Lucy grow a thriving network in this niche area that I hope will grow into an exciting hub for existing and new businesses.  I would definitely look for a space on those rails, so I am keeping my eyes and ears open for any opportunities in this space for start-up labelled garments.

There was also a grand opportunity to meet Michael and Jade Elzioni (father and daughter team), of Genesis Jewellery at genesisjewelleryuk@gmail.com.   They were exceptionally friendly and had on display modern and contemporary sterling gold and silver jewellery.  I managed to learn that they were willing to make bespoke items to order too.  I am a great lover of silver, so I will be checking out their website at www.genisisjewelleryuk.com  from time to time.  They were happy to leave their flyer with a mobile number 07960405840 in any case.

Planning to continue my studies at Level 2 Fashion Design from September 2016, improve my illustration CAD skills over the summer and personal research on recycling and upcycling over next 6 months.


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