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Naked PETA Protestors Join the LFW Throng


By mid-afternoon however, naked protesters wearing little more than gas masks joined the throng – holding up warning signs stating that ‘Fur is Toxic.’ Organised by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) the protest aimed to highlight that the use of real fur is not only cruel but also toxic due to the potentially carcinogenic chemicals often used to prevent it from rotting.


A recent study conducted in Germany documented unsafe levels of toxic chemicals in fur-trimmed children’s clothing sold by several brands, including Canada Goose, Nickelson, Airforce and Woolrich. Tests on the raccoon-dog and coyote fur used in these jackets revealed that they contain large quantities of toxic substances, particularly formaldehyde – which can cause allergic reactions and is considered a carcinogen – and ethoxylates, which are known to be disruptive to hormone production and reproductive organs.

The gas masks used in this protest also symbolized how animals are often poisoned with noxious fumes ending their miserable lives solely for the use of their fur.

With sustainable, ethical fashion on the rise, it’s clear that the use of real fur is archaic and no longer necessary. The protestors made quite an impact on the press and street style photographers outside LFW’s main Soho venue and presented a message that should be hard for any designer to ignore.

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