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Now On: Riviera Style


Up close, the sense of it being a trip down memory lane, is enhanced by the fantastic original posters adorning the walls; evoking images of leisure time lifestyle pursuits from the continent, to good old intrepid English sunbathing at its best. One can discern the changes in styling that accompanied innovations in bathing costumes – all accommodated within the strict mores governing public bathing at the time – often hilarious in retrospect in its attempt to control and protect the uncontrollable, or more precisely what could sensibly be covered up, and still actually have a bathing experience. It’s as much a fashion show as a solid education in swimwear in many respects, so don’t be put off by an Edwardian version of a onesie – it’s extremely well researched and put together. And hardly a go-fast stripe in sight.

fash text bathing title

fash text bathing 1

fash text bathing 2

By Paul Markevicius

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Riviera Style Resort & Swimwear at the Fashion & Textile Museum 22nd May – 30th August 2015

Fashion & Textile Museum
83 Bermondsey Street
London SE1 3XF


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