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Day 4 – LFW – Pam Hogg



I snapped up a seat (though with the crowds I’d have been better standing) and the excitement began.

Pam Hogg definitely has her own style and there were plenty of new re-inventions of her staple catsuits. Leather and jersey were combined into fantastic creations that were the most body-con I’ve seen all week!

Strong shoulders were still the order of the day, with leather panels used to create a ‘shoulder pad’ effect.

Aside from the staple catsuits that trotted down in several colour combinations (including gold and black) there were also sequin embellished lace versions that were just as gorgeous as any couture gowns.

One piece that did catch my eye was a beaded mini cape which was simply divine!

Hogg also played with fabric manipulation and created amazing ruffled head pieces that were like giant tulle pom poms and filtered this idea into the clothing through multi tiered ruffle skirts, bustle back pants and tulle ruffled jackets. This added a more girlish manner to a rather harsh and sexualised collection.

I was surprised to see that there was fur here too, but it was rather beautiful. It was the iciest white with grey flecks and combined with chiffon made a gorgeous cape and jacket.

Although Pam Hogg is pretty much a legend already, I really felt that this collection had seen masses of development from SS10. While the catsuits remained as stunning as ever Pam Hogg really came out all guns blazing and created a varied and spectacular collection.

Rivkie Baum




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