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Apprenticeships: Good for business


NAS have had many challenges with creating apprenticeships within London due to the great diversity and size. However this seems to have had a turn around and now London has the biggest amount of apprenticeships then ever before.

The National Apprenticeship service has been leading a number of new interventions to increase the number of apprenticeships within London. A number of focused action plans have been implemented in key sectors, such as IT, retail and transport.

There are also a number of new models that the National Apprenticeship Service has created. These are the Apprenticeship Training Agency (ATA) model, which supports small businesses that can not have an apprentice for a long period of time. This model allows small businesses to ‘lease’ an apprentice for a short period of time. There are four of the ATA models within London.

The NAS are also doing some intensive work with Key public sector employers; these include the local Authorities and the National Health Service.

If you are interested in the National Apprenticeship service scheme then please contact them on 08000 150 600 or visit their website www.apprenticeship.org.uk.

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