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Work Experience Diary: Lydia’s Third Day


Here I learnt about different businesses in the local area (North London) and what they could offer Fashion Enter, and vice versa. I also found out more about the services and training schemes that Fashion Enter offers.

I sat in a seminar and learnt about public speaking and how to improve your confidence in order to be successful. The speaker was very clear and concise, talking about the three key points necessary to become a genius within business: making your presence felt, having 100% participation in everything you do and finding out what your clients want in order to supply them with the products/ services they need. These tips were very useful and the speaker’s confident speech was easy to follow and influential for the rest of the day.

The day gave me a good idea on what is involved when companies network and how different businesses work together to maximise clients and business. I also experienced another aspect of the company which I had not known much about before.

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