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This is ideal for both beginners and those looking to take their CAD/CAM skills to the next level.

veti taster

“The tutors from Vetigraph were amazing, my objective was reached, I 100% have a mission to master digital P/cutting.” Kerry

Taking place at the Fashion Technology Academy from 9th May – 13th May 2016 the five-day intensive course will cover the following:

Day One

         Introduction to the User interface

         Introduction to digital pattern creation techniques

         Using the tools to create pattern pieces

         Modifying pieces though rotating, copying and mirroring

         Saving patterns correctly

Day Two

         Continuation of digital pattern making techniques

         Dart manipulation, adding fullness, pleats and tucks

         Input paper patterns using a Digitizer table

         Naming the pieces and Creating Seams

         Defining notches, drill holes and other pattern markings

Day Three

         Further pattern making techniques

         Pattern adjustments

         Introduction to block creation

         Pattern measurements

         Pattern output to plotter

Day Four

         Introduction to grading

         Grading to meet supplier specification sheets

         Custom grading functions

         Defining grading rule libraries

Day Five

         Lay Planning and costing

         Exporting and importing files

         Review of what you have learned


To enquire about availability and costs please email: jenni@fashion-enter.com

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