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Industry Led Advice From FSHNHVN


FSHNHVN INC director Fiona Abrahams led the seminar, discussing how the fashion indus-try is often a demanding workplace and requires proactive, confident, focused individuals, who appreciate the value of building longevity in each role or through long standing freelance or consultancy based relationships.

cv seminar jan 16 titleThe seminar outlined key details required for the entire recruitment process including:

* How to present your education

* Qualifications

* Work experience

* Summary of key attributes and ambitions

And also touched on how a work autobiography enables potential employers to gain an accurate insight into potential candidates.

Fiona advised learners on ‘How to market yourself effectively’ sharing how to create a good impression within the first few minutes of the interview including tips for positive body language, “Remember, people will often meet your CV before they meet you so be sure to give a good impression!”

cv seminar jan 16 

CV seminar 2

The seminar was really informative for the apprentices and provided them with a good foundation for developing their CV writing and interview skills.

Trainee Teacher Sabah Chaudry commented: “Success comes when opportunity is met by preparation, this support can potentially boost the learner’s confidence for the interview process and in preparation for new career prospects.”

To find out more visit the FSHVHVN Inc website: www.fashionheaveninc.com

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