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Winning Cypriot Designer to Undertake Fashion Enter Tuition


eleni christodoulouEleni Christodoulou’s (pictured right) designs made an impact with the judges at The Fashion Show of Cyprus Young Designers held in Limassol Municipal Theater back in July and as part of her prize she landed a bespoke week-long course from the education team at Fashion Enter. The course has been devised to enable Eleni to take her fashion label to the next level. Along with developing and deepening her knowledge of production skills including stitching and pattern cutting she will receive one-to-one mentoring and further insight from a range of industry experts.

Eleni Christodoulou’s collection was selected from several talented Cypriot designers across three educational institutions (Alexander College/University of the West of England, Frederick University and Aigaia School of Fine & Applied Arts). The Fashion Enter team is looking forward to working with her, advising and sharing their knowledge allowing Eleni to grow and build her fashion brand.

Eleni Christodoulou comments: London is a big experience for me. Not only does it give me an exciting opportunity to build a fundamental understanding on how the fashion industry works but it will also allow me to network with new people.”

Eleni Christodoulou’s collection

eleni work

Jenny Holloway adds: “Earlier this year we had students undertake a 2-week course from Nigeria and now we have developed a week-long program for Eleni from Cyprus. It feels right to extend our knowledge and expertise globally and we look forward to working with more designers and University’s from overseas in this way.”

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