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Condé Nast Take On China


The new Center is a global offshoot of the Condé Nast College of Fashion & Design, which opened in London in April 2013. The college has since seen 400 international students graduate and begin their prestigious fashion careers.

conde nast center shanghaiThe Center in Shanghai aims to build on London’s success and will run a range of inaugural courses including:


According to Liz Schimel, president of Condé Nast China, there is a serious “expertise gap” between China’s rapidly evolving fashion industry and current graduates in the country.

Opening in the Autumn, the Center will be located on Mid Huaihai Road, at the heart of the fashion and luxury retail district in Shanghai. The Center will be equipped with cutting-edge digital and educational facilities, offering a benchmark learning environment and will also operate as a multifunctional space, with opportunity to host fashion shows, conferences, exhibitions and other events.

Additional courses in the fields of visual merchandising, e-commerce, social media, retail and illustration will be launched at a later stage. There are full scholarship opportunities available for the Autumn intake.

For further information visit www.condenastcenter.com.cn

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