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Jemima Daisy Reporting from the Clothes Show for Fashion Capital


Fashion Capital Reporting live from the clothes show – N.E.C Birmingham

Fashion Capital Boutique

On the 4th of December 2008, two trusty members of the Fashion Capital team jumped in the car and started the long rainy trip to the north. Emily Tullett our boutique manager in the driving seat and myself – Jemima Daisy on SatNav Control.
After arriving we had a frantic day organising our selves and our designers. The designers here are Trollied Dolly, Gabriella Ravello, Tinkabellas, Fosuism, Danielle Morgan, Corset Art, Goldson, Maame Baryeh London and Nomie.
Walls were put up and torn down, posters stuck, material draped and the boutique area transformed to our liking.
Here the atmosphere is amazing, we are based right next to the Motorola catwalk and can feel the excitement from here. Girls and boys fresh from school itching to see their first catwalk. Hilary Alexander has styled the show, which includes outfits that have never been showcased on the catwalk other than the prestigious fashion weeks. Designers included Dolce & Gabanna and my personal favourite Gareth Pugh.  By day two we have heard and seen snatches of this every hour on the hour, all day and are getting sick of the songs!

The venue here is colossal. Walking in this morning from a different car park we noticed that the other side of the yet un-explored fashion theatre lies another ten halls – all full of fashion!

Although manning a stand leaves very little time for shopping we have managed to venture over to the beauty section, which includes a massive Paris Hilton stand. You’d expect of course that she’d be selling her perfume line but not this time. As you walk past the PCV clad podium dancers, asking yourself what the hell is going on, girls in Paris T-shirts jump at you holding odd hair bands with locks of fully washable-straightenable-removable hair extensions. Yes, Paris has trademarked her haircut and given everyone else a chance to look like her. Sales assistants remove their ‘well matched’ hair bands and swap them with customers as the sound of Paris’s album pumps out and the podium girls gyrate lazily.
Huge retailers are here this week with massive discounts on their stock and there are queues for All Saints, Irregular Choice, Juicy Couture, Playboy and most of the make-up counters which are all offering fantastic goody bags all worth at least £30 for just £10!

Many designers that we stock are here including the Hidden Wardrobe and Corsellis.

Before this week were all wondering: has the recession affected fashion?
The answer as we see it? Definitely. Many designers who have been before are slating the footfall saying that there aren’t enough customers and that the customers aren’t willing to pay as much this year. Considering this everyone seems to be laden with shopping bags by lunchtime. As soon as we get a chance we will be following this bag trend!

By the end of this week we intend to sniff out the best stores, the best bargains and the best people. We will be sure to let you know!

Also Monday – we will be bringing you all the gossip from the famous After Party!

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