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Ziad Ghanem and the Maiden Britain Collective – Recycle and Redesign


Well, with hundreds of UK retailers closing their doors each week you bet your life it is. The message from the fashion press is loud and clear: remake, recycle, buy investment, buy vintage. An ethos that designer Ziad Ghanem has stuck to since day 1.


As his latest collection ‘The Immigrant’ declares: “eco is the new black” and we are not just talking about an organic t-shirt range! Showing off-schedule at this seasons London Fashion Week, Ziad presented his junior line Maiden Britain – a collaborative label that integrates the work of illustrators, artists and designers. The Immigrant fuses cultures, styles and colours in the most unexpected of ways. Part street, part punk, part couture, Ziad reworks recycled fabrics and breathes them back to life.


Heavily fringed dresses shredded by hand, coated knits and tailoring, plus exaggerated shapes all met with approval from attendees. Who incidentally deserve an Oscar for ‘the most fascinating clothing combos worn by a fashion week audience.’


Ziad Ziad

Ziad’s philosophy is: “We all have choices in life. I’m not here to save the planet. I just think it’s unnecessary to produce new textiles and fabrics when you can recreate the same beauty with recycled materials and eco-friendly methods. And I choose to do that.”


Fashion’s big budget bubble may have burst but as Ziad Ghanem and the Maiden Britain collective can testify – it’s no reason to dress down style and you can address your ethical stance while you’re at it.


Additional notes:


Eager to highlight the environmental damage caused by the humble plastic bag Ziad created a capsule range patchworked out of the stuff. The designs featured on the TV series ‘Britain’s Next Top Model’ as well as in an editorial spread for Drama Magazine. Ziad’s iconic Union Jack dress also received TV exposure to promote and open the ‘British Style Genius’ series, although many thought the dress was created by Vivienne Westwood!



Ziad Ghanem presented Maiden Britain, English Boys & Working Girls – The Immigrant A/W 09/10 on 21st February 2009 at BeachBlanketBabylon, Shoreditch, London E1.


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