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Fashion Designers Inspired by Furniture and Industrial Design


Here’s a list of fashion collections which have been inspired directly by the world of furniture and interior furnishings. From the conceptual to the highly technical, these 3 designers have broken the mould to show fashion audiences entirely new works with form and idea. Two out of
three designers are considered legends of the fashion scene, and the 1st one is considered to be an up and coming name.

Pablo Reinoso

The Danish artist and fashion designer showed a very polarising collection in 2012 1Spaghetti-Bench-by-Pablo-Reinosothat featured models walking down the runway encased in old-fashioned wooden chairs. Taking the language of furniture and household object design, Reinoso produced this haunting and very surrealist take on the idea of switching object’s form and function around. The collection also featured shoes that had elaborate brass bases instead of heels and bags that were deconstructed so that they were not capable of carrying anything. Love it or hate it, it takes a bold mind to show something that people have never seen before.

Hussein Chalayan 

1hussein-chalayan-spring-2007-combined-small1Turkish born and British raised, this legendary fashion designer pioneered the use of many materials and technological components(such as LED light) in his fashion shows. In a 1999 collection, the designer created a series of furniture garments which the models then wore and carried off stage at the end of the show. The standout piece from the collection was a coffee table which transformed into a telescope dress. The collection was inspired by his experiences as a Turkish immigrant and his thoughts on the loss of identity which takes place when people are forced to leave their material objects behind when they leave the country. The furniture garments created by Chalayan leave many people confused–is it an art piece or something akin to LampCommerce designer lamps?

Alexander McQueen

The last collection the designer ever worked on were inspired by the rich gold tapestries of Byzantine art. 1alexander-mcqueen-final-collection-590sc031010With gold brocade, rich red and black silk, and sumptuous leather, the collection also referenced opulent yet religious settings. The 1st piece featured a pleated red skirt which hung like heavy silk brocade curtain fabric. The show seemed to be not only a reference to Old Master paintings but to the environments in which they hang. Other references in the show included eternity and angels. The show was regarded as one of the McQueen’s best in his entire career, although it was finished by his 1st assistant designer Sarah Burton after his death. Fittingly the show was called “Angels and Demons”.

All 3 of these design houses continue to push boundaries way beyond the ideas of furniture and interior. Chalayan is famous for being the 1st designer to ever incorporate wireless remote controlled movement in one of his garments and McQueen was legendary for collaborating with set designers on extremely innovative fashion show presentations in the 1990s including making it seem as if models were walking on water. Chalayan also created elaborate sets and interiors that help to situate his work in a context that went beyond merely just  garment design. 

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