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What Sleep Should You Be Getting to Run a Business?


What are the side effects for business people having too little sleep? Findings of the Great British bedtime, report that too little sleep affects the body’s immune system the same way as physical stress does, with the increased risk of coming down with colds and upset stomachs. Health again is the area affected as people who sleep for less than 4 hours a night are 73% more likely to be overweight.  The question to ask as well is apart from these negative health side effects are these long hours with sleep deprivation actually contributing to you and your business being more successful? Research suggests losing sleep erodes concentration and problem solving ability. This research relates back to hours worked where lack of sleep just makes you complete tasks at a slower rate creating working longer hours to get more work to done to actually be a deception. Each hour of sleep lost per night is associated with a temporary loss of one IQ point suggesting further that the right amount of sleep will allow you to complete tasks more efficiently therefore not needing to work longer hours and get less sleep.


It slightly varies for each human being but being subject to less than six hours sleep can really hinder your wellbeing transferring that onto your business. It is known that 7 hours should be the right period of sleep for someone that is wanting to be fully functional in a business to the best of their ability. However Sleep is not just about hours, being stress free and comfortable are vital in making full use of your sleep hours so that you can properly switch off and tackle the next day with a fresh business mind.



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