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Essentials for the Fashion Student’s Room


Fashion students have some particular essentials they should never be without however; things to make life easier and more enjoyable. Here are a few of the basics that every fashion student should never be without.


Get the look

A serious student of fashion will make sure their keen eye for design is carried through to every little detail of their accessories and that includes how their flat or room looks, as well as how they dress. Fashion is, of course, a matter of personal taste, but paying attention to household décor, furniture and equipment can make all the difference when it comes to making a good impression and practising design skills while learning.

If it’s possible to decorate accommodation it should done to reflect personal preferences, right down to coordinating the colour scheme of the throws and cushions on the sofa. Choose artwork that complements the space and keep design lines clean and clear, whatever the theme.

Devotees of pattern-cutting and stitching need to make sure they have the basics handy at all times; there are plenty of bargains to be had when it comes to pattern cutting scissors, sewing kits, pattern making equipment, tape measures and tailors’ chalk, all of which can be found online at a relatively cheap cost.

Traditional implements

Although sophisticated digital technology is used more and more at lectures and tutorials, there’s something very satisfying about having a great range of stationery items that are aesthetically pleasing, yet needn’t cost the earth. Those beautifully designed, co-ordinated notebooks, pen and pencil sets will inspire every fashion student and throw in some gorgeous paper clips, erasers, rulers and glue as well as scissors and masking tape and all the arty-crafty ideas just waiting to be generated will be easily fulfilled.

Stay awake

There is no denying that student life involves at least one or two late nights per week and those who know they are owls rather than larks should consider investing in a high quality coffee machine to kickstart their mornings, while the larks will need extra staying power for the inevitable late night assignments that pepper every design course from start to finish. Coffee machines such as those made by Tassimo are a godsend; just insert a disc and click the button for fresh, delicious life-saving coffee every time. Better still, make extra coffee in the morning and take a thermos to save on the cost of buying drinks during the day. Do the same with food; invest in a lunch box, make your own food and save a fortune.

Design tech

Most ‘arty’ types, including fashion students, acknowledge that Apple is king when it comes to design and functionality so if purchasing a MacBook Pro, iPad or iPhone is a possibility then go for it.


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