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How to Start Your New Year Fresh and Beautiful


If you’re all about indulging over the yuletide period then you’re going to need to learn the tips and tricks to still get your full quota of beauty sleep. After all, time and fashion shows wait for no woman and if you want to start the new year’s shows in the new year with a spring in your step, you’re going to have to balance work, rest and play.
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Pace yourself throughout the season
If you’re no longer 22 then partying night after night is going to have a massive impact on your looks and, more importantly perhaps, how you feel. We have to face it, we can’t burn the candle at both ends forever without something suffering – and that usually shows in our skin!

To make sure you have as much fun as possible while feeling as good as possible, the most important thing is to get enough sleep.
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Busting common sleep myths
It’s actually not possible to ‘catch up’ on sleep at the weekends. If you have a significant amount of late nights, early mornings and disturbed sleep patterns then you won’t be able to make up the deficit on your one lie in of the week.

You need to get at least seven hours of sleep a night – this is the least amount recommended by scientists for you to wake up feeling well, refreshed and ready to take on the day. So what’s the best way to make sure you get plenty of beauty sleep?

Make your bedroom comfortable
 This may sound obvious but it’s something many people ignore. Your sleeping space should be an ambient temperature – do not sleep with central heating, your skin won’t thank you for it! So, not too hot and not too cold. Make sure it’s dark enough and, most importantly of all,
your bed should be properly comfortable. If you find it difficult to rest and frequently wake up aching and feeling less than stellar then it could be time to check out Bedstar, the online bed superstore and replace your ancient mattress for something that will help you, rather than hinder you.

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Don’t stop your beauty regime
Even if it’s 3am and you’re rather squiffy, always take your makeup off and moisturise before you crash out. That way, your skin has more chance of recovering by morning – and you have more chance of looking much brighter.

Avoid drinking too much, even when you’re out and about, as this is proven to get in the way of restful sleep and affect the way you feel the next day. Of course, everyone is going to indulge over Christmas, but if you have a hectic job and are going to be hitting the January fashion shows, you need to think ahead and make sure you look after yourself this festive period!

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