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Your Fashion Technology Academy Has Arrived!


The press may be full of reports about this year’s British Fashion Award winners but that’s not the only news the fashion industry can celebrate this week. Let’s not forget all the highly skilled pattern cutters, seamstresses and production workers that make these much-admired designs a reality. This week, Wednesday 25th November, our sister company Fashion Enter Ltd will be officially launching the ‘Fashion Technology Academy’ (FTA), a collaborative initiative with Haringey Council who have invested a sum of £570,000 and DWP.

Based in Haringey, North London the state of the art FTA will train the next generation of production workers ensuring key skills are retained and developed in the UK.

Director Fashion Enter, Jenny Holloway commented:

“We really believe that the Fashion Technology Academy is the single most important initiative we have ever undertaken. We will be able to help 1000’s of people gain real work based skills that will lead to employment. With the on-shoring of garment manufacturing that is occurring now the timing of the Fashion Technology Academy is perfect. Our sincere gratitude to Haringey Council, and DWP for their overwhelming support.”

The academy, which ASOS.com is fully supporting, is the first apparel manufacturing training academy in the country to operate alongside a live factory environment ensuring that students will gain exposure to real manufacturing whilst training for their Level 1 qualification. Having initially launched with the Level 1 Stitching Academy there is now progression for learners to develop to Level 2 and soon 3 and 4, emulating the apprenticeship programme also run by Fashion Enter Ltd.

fta official launch

The official launch will introduce the Fashion Technology Academy to VIP guests, such as MP’s, councilors and key professionals within industry. The day will include a fashion show, an awards presentation and networking.

More from the official launch soon. #FTA

For press enquiries contact jenni@fashioncapital.co.uk

To find out more and apply for a course or training programme at the FTA click here

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