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On Film: Faustine Steinmetz’s Innovative SS16 Presentation


Attended on behalf of FashionCapital.co.uk by Paul Markevicius, he reported: ‘This is a brand with legs. Most of them clad in denim. But not just the models, appearing La Belle et La Bette, Cocteau-like, as part of the staged set, through peephole windows and curated openings in curved plasterboards.’

As per last season Paul was asked to comment on his favourite piece from Faustine’s SS16 collection, see if you can spot him here in Faustine’s promotional video shot at the presentation during LFW.

This was not the only FashionCapital / Faustine link as the team at our Fashion Studio in North London assisted with some last minute production in the run up to the presentation.

For this SS16 collection Faustine goes “back to basics”, looking at the numerous ways in which a staple item can be reproduced, using illusions to create fabrics which are not what they seem at first glance. Faustine also acknowledges the artist that made her want to become a designer – Joseph Kosuth. After seeing “One and Three Chairs” in a book at the age of 14, the designer believes her mind was opened to visual arts in a way that she still cannot explain today. 

faustine large

Faustine is the latest recipient of COTTON USA’s highly coveted sponsorship for SS16, an advocacy programme that helps up-and-coming designers to showcase their talent and creativity, bringing the vision for their collection to life through the versatility of U.S cotton.

Faustine puts her own twist on iconic pieces, and this includes weaving her own fabric using a traditional handloom in her London studio. This attention to detail to create quality, long-lasting garments is just one of the merits that made the designer a great fit for the COTTON USA sponsorship. 

Faustine said: “I am thrilled to have been selected to receive the sponsorship for a second season. Support for young designers like myself provides a platform to express our creativity and showcase our vision.” She continued “What I love about U.S. cotton is not only the exceptional quality and versatility, but also knowing that the fibres I am using to hand make my designs have been responsibly produced – this is very important to me when sourcing my materials.” 

Images by Oda Bakkeli Eide www.odabeide.com

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