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How Was New LFW Venue For You?


lfw new venueAnd while the glamour remains – from the creative theatrics to ‘who’s in the front row’ downed with the odd glass of champagne, it can indeed be tiring and quite frankly more than a bit frustrating.

The editorial team here at FashionCapital want nothing more than to promote and support British fashion talent from design to production right through to retail and sales, and where better to put UK based designers than on the LFW global stage. So let’s hear it from the horses mouth so to speak, from those that attended this season’s LFW, no more pandering to PR’s or accepting ‘it’s Fashion Week that’s the way it’s done.’ We ask our team ‘How was LFW for you at the new Brewer Street Car Park venue?’ The good and the bad, and if you could what would you do to change it?


JoJo Iles editor of FashionCapital.co.uk:

lfw showroom space“I came away from the new Brewer Street venue with a head full of mixed views. On the positive side the designer showrooms were buzzing, they were bustling with visitors and activity and the traffic seemed to flow well around the space. Soho is a great location as well, full of character and I can see how the street style photographers enjoyed using Soho as a backdrop with its various bars, cafes, sex shops and boutiques.

“The catwalk space, however, for me was disappointing, it was very cramped and even those with seated tickets ended up standing. Even as a show space created in an urban context it felt a bit lackluster to me. The area outside the venue was mayhem as well, one photographer almost got ran over with all the bodies spilling out onto the street.

“I felt I could concentrate on the collections and designers more when held in a presentation style format such as those hosted by On/Off. It felt far more civilized than being hoarded about in the rain. I would suggest that the Brewer Street venue include an indoor waiting area, such as the ramp leading up to the show space, this would be far more sensible than people blocking the small street outside. Tickets could be checked and numbers regulated too!”

Paul Markevicius journalist:

lfw showroom millinery“There was, to be fair a distinct buzz about Soho that is kind of good for London, good for the event (when they finally work out how to put crowd control barriers in front of the car park), and I enjoyed seeing innovations with the open air screening of live shows in the nearby Golden Square – taking it to the street. Could in future, just sit on a deck chair and cover LFW without moving an inch!! (In the rain, of course).”

“However, getting into the Brewer Street shows was always a bit of bun fight. Press journalists are now bundled together with bloggers, and as everyone and his/ her aunt are now bloggers (who I do see play a valuable role in many ways for the brand, some at least), means we have dropped in the pecking order considerably. Not good at all.” 

“Now there’s not even a press section to stand in. So what happens – it turns into a complete lottery of whether you can get in or not, as you stand waiting, watching friends of friends of friends, not on the lists of invitees get in, and fill up the space of a room whose capacity the PR are seemingly incapable of knowing, or counting off. Consequently, wasted hours that could have been better spent interviewing other more deserving brands, doing it the right, hard way and not pandering to the ego massaging madness that devalues the role of the media at the event.”

lfw catwalk spaceKatie Farley fashion writer and stylist:

“The new venue once you were in proved very effective, but getting into it (especially when you’re in a wheelchair is another matter!!) very steep slopes!! The shows I attended were wonderful!”

Sherion Mullings Street Style Photographer:

“The Brewer Street venue I loved because of the street element but it has not gone down well amongst a lot of people, designers, show goers and photographers. One top photographer even walked away in disgust! I have heard so many rumours for the change of venue, who knows what to believe but I think they may shot themselves in the foot. It is too cramped and people appear lost and Golden Square where they stream live events lacks any atmosphere, I must admit I only visited once. 

lfw brewer st venue“I did go to one show at Brewer Street and the venue from the inside is quite impressive, plus I did manage to see inside the designers showroom which is a good space too, so all in all for those in business of fashion, the premises probably work well.”

Mixed reviews regarding London Fashion Week’s new residence indeed, however, there was one consistent positive throughout: that SS16 saw some very strong, distinctive and innovative collections from some of our very best designers, and at the end of the day this is what Fashion Week is all about.

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