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Fashion Enter’s manufacturing neighbour, The Albion Knitting Company, first opened its doors in 2014 and has been growing from strength to strength ever since. As their website states: ‘The Albion Knitting Company Ltd is the first flat-bed knitter aimed towards high quality production in London, UK since the 1940’s.’

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Chris Murphy and Jamie O’Neill established the company after gaining extensive experience in China working with the highly respected Alphatex. Bringing bulk knitting production back to the UK the start-up already has an impressive client list including LVMH, Gucci and Richemont. And now the international press has sat up and took notice. On the 21st September The Washington Post ran a story on company entitled ‘Made in Britain Back in Fashion’ and we couldn’t agree more.

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Naturally the Albion team are thrilled with such positive press, Chris Murphy comments:

Thank you to everyone who has supported this endeavour – especially our friends at Richemont S.A., LVMH and Gucci group companies who shared their creativity and aspirations with us and together with Albion brought these collections to life. Not forgetting our suppliers whose beautiful yarns have an equal part in the story….and my best friend Jamie who has worked harder than anyone else to make Albion a reality. Finally thanks to Reuters for picking up the story.”

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CEO of neighbouring production and education facility Fashion Enter and sister company FashionCapital Jenny Holloway adds: “We work closely with The Albion Knitting Company and they currently have three of our Fashion Apprentices Level 3 working with them. How innovative and entrepreneurial the management team is. Chris, Jamie and Dave have worked so hard to make Albion work – the first fully fashioned knitters in London and they’ve come from China. Another great step forward for British manufacturing.”

To view The Washington Post “Made in Britain Back in Fashion” story click here.

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