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Meet Pattern and Fit Guru Anastasia Vouyouka


8 nov anastasia

(Anastasia left of the mannequin has decades of pattern and fit expertise)

This is a unique opportunity for a free consultation to help brands overcome issues such as:

– Fit problems

– How to reduce design costs

– Cut pattern technology costs

– Prevent production issues 

– Avoid returns and unsold garments

Anastasia comments:

‘Having Perfect Fit, Training and Technology as the main slogans for more than 40 years, we developed Telestia Training Technology and Creator CAD to serve the great need of Creative Design in the Clothing Industry. A clean sweep and reshuffle is needed now, to get back the real creative power of fashion design for today’s brands. This will take courage, a clear mind and determination but with Telestia this is achievable.’

Places are limited and must be pre-booked in advance by Tuesday 14th November please email jenni@fashion-enter.com

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