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FEL Announced as Part of the UK – Nigeria Circular Fashion Global Innovation Network


The Innovate UK ‘UK-Nigeria Circular Fashion Global Innovation Network’ have just announced the members of their steering committee, one of which is, Fashion-Enter Ltd (FEL).

The UK-Nigeria Circular Fashion Global Innovation Network has been set up to foster relationships and opportunities with Nigeria’s vibrant and flourishing fashion industry. Emphasis is now heavily placed on circular fashion, characterised by ethical sourcing and production, reduced environmental impact, and a commitment to social responsibility.

The Innovation Network will engage stakeholders on key elements needed for the development of the Nigerian circular fashion industry including innovation, product design, material selection, recycling infrastructure, supply chain transparency, policy, regulation, consumer awareness and education, technology and economic incentives. 

Key drivers include:

Earlier in the year FEL welcomed a group of delegates from the UK-NG Circular Economy Knowledge Exchange Mission

The steering committee will play a pivotal role in strategically guiding the initiatives and objectives of the network to foster innovation, facilitate collaboration between the UK and Nigeria and promote sustainable practices and development within the fashion industry. 

The UK-Nigeria Circular Fashion Global Innovation Network steering committee members are:

Innovate UK KTN – Steve Morris is the Knowledge Transfer Manager leading on Smart Materials and Technical Textiles at Innovate UK Business connect with a focus on smart and advanced functional materials and their use in smart and technical textiles. 

Yomi Odutola is a Social Entrepreneur who believes in improving people and their environment. She is the co-founder of Afthonia a textile waste facilitating company where she promotes the reduction of fast fashion and the reuse/ recycle of all textile waste. 

Fashion-Enter Ltd – Jennifer Holloway an award-winning social enterprise at the centre of ethical garment manufacturing in the UK. Jenny Holloway has been working in the fashion industry for over thirty years and brings a wealth of experience with her. 

Claire Lerpiniere is an Associate Professor and a member of De Montfort University’s Textiles Engineering and Materials Research Group, her research and PhD supervision are centered on the human and ecological impacts of the fashion and textiles industry, circular textile economies and shifting the paradigm of the industry towards responsible design. 

Nnamdi N. Obienu is the Head of Global Service Delivery at Innovate UK Nnamdi led the setup of the Circular Fashion & Textile Trilateral Programme between Innovate UK, Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) and Natural Environment Research Council (NERC).

Zara Odu is a brand consultant and the visionary founder of Designers Consociate and the most recently launched Roundabout, she is committed to advancing conversations surrounding sustainability and the circular economy in Africa.

Achenyo Idachaba-Obaro is the Founder of MitiMeth, an award-winning Artisan Social Enterprise building livelihoods through the transformation of invasive aquatic weeds and agricultural residues. MitiMeth innovates and makes eco-friendly fashion accessories, home décor and textiles with these renewable materials.

Immediate priorities to March 2025 include:

●  Advise on plans for delivery and further development of UK-Nigeria Circular Fashion Global Innovation Network Action Plan.

●  Influence the identification of a pilot programme for the UK-Nigeria Circular Fashion Global Innovation Network.

To find out more about the UK-Nigeria Circular Fashion Global Innovation Network and its development goals tap here.

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