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Factory Uncovered with the Fashion Retail Academy


Continuing their factory uncovered course with us here at Fashion Enter, the FRA brought a group of 12 students to the factory this afternoon to allow them to see first-hand how a manufacturing company in Britain works and the many factors that must be considered along the production line for brands including ASOS.com and Marks & Spencer’s.Screen Shot 2017-02-03 at 4.27.01 pm

Amid the revelations that have been showcased on undercover documentaries including Dispatches and Panorama, the FRA students were able to see how a SMETA approved and fast fashion audited company functions and works to ensure the highest possible standards within the work place.

Having been introduced and given an overview of FashionCapital, Fashion Enter, the FTA, Fashion Studio and Fabric Studio by development manager Jenni Sutton, the group ventured to the factory floor with Production Manager Caroline Ash, who informed them of the many different stages of production and quality control, whilst allowing them to see first-hand for themselves.  With live demonstrations from cutters to seamstresses, the pattern team and the quality control staff, the group were amazed at just how much time and effort goes into ensuring each garment is perfect.

From the factory floor they visited the Fashion Studio, which produces smaller scale quantities for a wide range of clients, before seeing what our very own students at the FTA and Stitching Academy are currently learning about.

On their visit the group commented:

“Today I learnt how many procedures there are in place to run an ethical factory.”

“I’ve learnt the control and organisation within the production process.  I loved visiting the factory and have learnt so many new things.”

“The seminar has ensured I know the process of creating a garment and the importance of the working environment in the factory.”

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