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Three Ethical Brands to Know About NOW


It’s not just about what they do but WHY they do it! The people behind these brands have created unique and exciting stories that will make you fall in love with them instantly.

greta reformationReformation

Reformation is an LA based brand created five years ago by Yeal Aflalo.

“Reformation makes killer clothes that don’t kill the environment.”

Each one of their products is designed, made, photographed and shipped from their innovative eco-facility in LA; in addition everything they make comes from recycled vintage clothing, dead stock fabric and new sustainable materials. All of this inevitably makes the whole shopping experience more exciting and exclusive, as each collection will be unique and limited edition.

Reformation’s customer is, “a badass urban creative type that lives freely but not neglectfully” and their clothing is made to fit any kind of body shape. The brand has 3 physical stores, one in LA and two in New York – however their leading selling platform is online and here is the link to check them out: www.thereformation.com


greta indelustIndelust

Indelust is an online shop created by Sana Rezwan Sait with the aim to build awareness of emerging designers from the Indian Subcontinent:

“Our mission is to stop the cycle of economic disparity and promote ethical production processes that will best provide a sustainable living for artisans from this region.”

All of their sustainably sourced products are designed and produced by emerging designers and artisans from India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh, bringing to life a new fashion sense from these countries. In addition, Indelust is entirely transparent as each designer is featured in the website with pictures and background stories.

The brand targets conscious consumers who love fashion but are not victims of trends and labels – people who like to create their own style through the combination of current and vintage clothing. Here is the link to check them out: www.indelust.com


greta wool and the gangWool and the Gang

Wool and the Gang was founded by Aurelie Popper Jade Hardwood (both graduated from Central Saint Martins), Elisabeth Sabrier and Lisa Rodwell. All of their products are knitted, sourced sustainably and handmade.

“We believe fashion should be made unique with love. No mass produced clothing, just quality fashion produced in a sustainable way.”

Most of their products have the option be customised and therefore made on demand, helping reduce waste. In addition wool is renewable and biodegradable further minimising environmental impacts.

P.S. Anyone can join their crew and become a ‘gangsta’, all they have to do is learn how to knit and support a fellow gangsta. Here is the link to check them out: www.woolandthegang.com/

By Greta Blu

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