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In Need of Legal Advice? Then Legal Eagle Nick Gould Can Help

July 19, 2024 - July 19, 2024   

Fashion-Enter Ltd has worked with Legal Eagle Nick Gould for many years, he has supported the company and many up and coming businesses with his no-nonsense, ethical advice on a one-to-one and group masterclass basis.

Nick, Aria Grace Law, Partner/Solicitor, explains his professional career so far…

“For most of my legal life I have been a deal-doing corporate/ transactional lawyer, working in London, I spent time working in Toronto years ago and now I work from Tel Aviv where I am a partner in what is described correctly as a virtual law firm, which was created in London. We have no physical office. Because of the specific way the firm was set up, its overheads and therefore our fees are less than most (comparable) firms and we give the money that would have been spent on office overheads/ administration, to various charities.

Being in a virtual law firm (particularly since lockdown), doesn’t seem to have affected my practice. Last year and this one, I have worked on numerous corporate transactions ranging in deal value from less than £1million to more than £25million.

Owner-managed companies across the world continue to make up my core client base. As well as proving legal advice I assist with problem-solving, working with smaller and larger private companies and trying to use some common sense in doing so. For clients over many years, I have bought and sold companies as varied as telecom and broadcasting support companies, dockyards, football clubs, fashion and IT companies.

 I’ve advised and prepared corporate, and other, documentation for aerospace companies and shipping and media companies and companies doing everything in between. Because of the international nature of both my practice and my clients, I have an extensive network of contacts across the world. If I don’t have the industry specific skills, partly because of the very wide nature of my client base…as I am what might be described as an “old fashioned corporate generalist”, I bring in experts from either within or outside the firm.

For several years now I have  written and lectured about aspects of corporate law and now particularly UK corporate governance.

Ironically , since I left Ince—a major worldwide litigation law firm in 2010, I seem to have more involvement on matters litigious than during the 20 years I was there!  However, Aria Grace Law does not “do litigation”.

That may seem a strange comment, as I have been part of an amazing team working prop bono and spent the last three years assisting three of the many hundreds of Post Office Scandal victims in their criminal appeal process. However, rather than get involved in the detailed criminal appeals – something I am wholly unqualified to do—I have spent most of the time on what I call “old fashioned client care” – making sure my three clients were looked after and properly supported during what has been an awful part of their lives. That horror is now coming to an end. It has been fascinating for me but terrible at the same time. This was a wholly new departure for me in terms of my legal practice.

“Now, I am returning to my corporate law and business practice.”

If you would like to contact Nick about legal issues please email: nick.gould@aria-grace.com or visit www.aria-grace.com 

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