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GAP Announce Store Closures – Work in Retail? What To Do If You Become Redundant…


By Kevin Mountford, co-founder of savings provider Raisin UK

“With a reported loss in just 3 months, Gap are closing 81 of their UK and Ireland stores. With the retail sector now reopening and hoping to get back on its feet sooner rather than later, could this be the start of the end for GAP?

Rule number 1: GAP needs to be transparent. It needs to tell its employees as soon as possible which jobs are saved and which jobs are not. Being in the middle of a pandemic and having utmost uncertainty it’s far worse than anything else. With the shift from physical stores to online, again, retail shops need to learn how to adapt and focus on ROI instead of closing stores, which leads to loss of jobs. This brand is 51-years-old, it has probably seen the change in high street shopping, and it needs to keep up with it before it goes altogether.


If you work for a GAP business and are currently furloughed or worried about your job role becoming redundant, there are a few ways you can try to plan for this:

Intro image by Ian Deng

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