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eBay Reveals Huge Spike in Demand for Stylish Face Masks


Ten-fold sales spike sees more than half a million face masks sold on the day new face mask guidance was announced on 14th July.

eBay UK has published new data showing the significant rise in consumer demand for face masks, after the government confirmed that it would be mandatory to wear a face covering in shops and supermarkets in England from the 24th July 2020.

On 14th July, the day the government confirmed the changes, sales spiked tenfold to over 550,000 compared to the daily average seen in early July, as the public prepared themselves for the onset of the new rules. In the days since the announcement, face mask sales remain at double the level seen in June, averaging at around 110,000 per day.

Over 80% of masks purchased during July were from the ‘fashion’ category, suggesting the public is keen to find stylish masks rather than those that would traditionally be used in more DIY or industrial settings.

With the government set to release further guidance on wearing face coverings in public, sellers on the platform anticipate a further rise in demand.

Floral face mask made at the Fashion-Enter factory in north London

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