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Hackney Community College – 12th March


For many of the students it was the first time seeing a live factory and many found it truly inspiring. They were given a guided tour and a detailed explanation on what it takes to go from an initial design idea right through to delivery. The students also met with Production Manager Caroline Ash who explained her role and experiences of working in a Factory and designers Noya from Bear and Beanie and Omar Mansoor who recently showcased off-schedule during London Fashion Week. 


Paulene Carr, Head of Department had this to say after the tour:

‘On behalf of the staff and students, I would like to thank you and your staff for allowing us to visit your factory and ASOS stitching Academy today.

All the staff at Fashion Enter were so welcoming and receptive to our students/staff.

It was a fantastic experience for the BTEC LEVEL 3 fashion and clothing students – who are preparing to go onto degrees or work in industry.  This visit allowed students to put into perspective some of the job opportunities that are available within the fashion industry. They totally enjoyed learning about the garment cycle and seeing first hand employees creating garments for reputable high street stores and e-tailing companies.

I think this sort of visit is so important to students studying fashion as it gives them a real life experience of what it’s like to work in the fashion industry. I think it’s so important in education that students visit fashion studios or factories because it allows them to get valuable insight into what it takes to work in the fashion industry. Moreover students can also get an indication of the range jobs that are available – in particular working in a factory setting.

An excellent learning experience for one and all!

Thank you!’


The students commented:

‘Really enjoyable and eye opening’

‘Not what I expected, it’s got a calmer atmosphere, very enjoyable.’

‘The factory was very calm and organised and I felt I learned a lot.’

‘I really enjoyed what happened today and I learned really interesting things about the company.’

‘Really enjoyed myself and was inspired by the designers.’

‘It was fascinating to discover what happens in a factory and how it works.’

‘I enjoyed listening to the fashion designer and how he became a fashion designer.’

‘I really enjoyed today, Jenny was extremely warm and welcoming. The information given to us all was very educational. Informed me all about production, merchandising and all the things you need to be successful fashion designer, thoroughly enjoyed it.’

‘It was really inspiring now I know what to do in the future.’

‘Really impressed with the time given to us and the factory was great!’

‘This the first time I have seen a factory and I really find it interesting. I also have learnt lots of things that could help me for my future to work in a factory.’

‘I like the fact everyone had their own part of garment.’

‘I really enjoyed this experience and have been inspired and realised what other roles there are in a factory.’

‘This is the first factory I have visited it was amazing visiting here to meet new people who are working here to get an idea being a fashion designer I loved the way the factory is organized, thank you for helping us.’

So impressed Hackney Community College will be back on 19th March with a new cohort of students!



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