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Kingston College Vist The Factory for Extended Tour


The Kingston College students arrived promptly at 2:30pm for an extended education visit. Upon arrival the students were introduced to Development Manager Jenni Sutton. Jenni lead the students to the meeting room for a presentation and Q&A session on Fashion Enter, covering the sectors of the company and the various training opportunities within the company. Students took particular interest in the vast number of pathways into the fashion industry other than university, something that they were not exposed to in school.


The Students were then treated to a talk with Sophie Glover, Garment Tech at ASOS. Sophie spoke on the importance of garment tech in fashion, how she got into her role and how getting knowledge and experience in the ‘behind the scenes’ of the fashion industry can progress the company. Students showed great interest in Sophie talk, keen to know about her past experiences in order to get her into her current role and what working at ASOS was like. 

“I always loved making and sewing.” 

“The more you know about production the easier decisions are.” 
Sophie Glover 

Students were then introduced to Jenny Holloway, who led them downstairs and onto the Factory floor. Beginning the tour at The Design Lifecycle, students were shown and given a step by step through the poster display, encouraged to take notes on each step, as spoke through by Jenny Holloway. Jenny then walked the students through the Factory floor, introducing them to each stage of production relating back to The Design Lifecycle. The students were then handed handouts and encouraged to make note of what each stage consisted of and how it helped in creating the final finished garment, including the name of each process and it’s importance and impact to the overall cycle. 

Students were then introduced to the various training opportunities Fashion Enter offers, getting an insight to The ASOS Stitching Academy, students observed learners on the course and had a look through their portfolios, expressing interest in the course. Jenny then finished the tour by introducing the Kingston students to the apprenticeship programme and the current roles and fashioncapital.co.uk .

If you would like to visit Fashion Enter for an educational visit, please contact jenni@fashion-enter.com

Find out which other universities and colleges have paid Fashion Enter a visit here: http://fashioncapital.co.uk/index.php/Services/TheFactory.html


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