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New Direction Visit Fashion Enter


New Direction, is one of the largest education training specialists in the UK, a group of 34 students from New Direction came to visit the Factory for a guided tour and insight to the life and processes behind a garment.

The visit began with an introduction to Fashion Enter and FashionCapital, the New Direction learners met with Jenny Holloway for a presentation into Fashion Enter, discussing the different aspects of the company and its progression into bringing back UK manufacturing through various training opportunities.



Students were given handouts to fill in to test their learning experience throughout the day; tested on their current knowledge, prior to visiting the Factory students answered questions on the design lifecycle and the step by step of making a garment to finish.

With 70% of all production made within the Factory for online global retailer, ASOS, the students were shocked to hear how many styles and type of garments were made in the UK.

Jenny then announced that students would be able to get up close and observe these current garments being made within the factory below, the students, many of whom had not experienced a live factory setting before were excited to get downstairs and see the ASOS and Marks & Spencer pieces being live in front of them.

Jenny began the tour at the Design Lifecycle, the students were tested on this before heading onto the production floor, Jenny explained each stage, step-by-step while students took note and noticed errors they had made beforehand.

The students were then given a tour of the factory, learning every stage of the production process, students were introduced to staff specialising in each sector, from fabric cutting to pattern cutting.

As seen most recently on the BBC News, the students then visited The Fashion Enter X ASOS Stitching Academy, where they met tutor Leyla to learn about the 6 week course and review candidates portfolios of work. Students were given time to walk around The Factory freely and speak to staff & apprentices.

“I learnt an amazing amount about the process of a garment and how I would go about creating a brand myself, this was a huge help when it comes to opening my career prospects.” Bryon Morris

A really interesting experience I learnt a lot about the process of using fabrics to make clothes.” Vanessa

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