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Graverley School Pays Fashion Enter an Educational Visit


The 17 GCSE students were invited in to have a full guided tour of Fashion Enter and get an insight to the behind the scenes, ‘sexy’ side of the production industry.

It was a number of the students first time in a large scale factory, especially one that specialises in manufacturing both high-street and high-end brands. When quizzed on the clients Fashion Enter worked with, a lot of the students were shocked to hear that among M&S (Best of British), ASOS.com and River Island were also followers of the Made in Britain movement.

The educational tour began with an insight to The Design Life Cycle. Questioned and tested on their knowledge so far, the students were presented with a copy of the Design Life Cycle with images and words blanked out, using their knowledge of the fashion industry so far, students had to complete the handout in a given amount of time. 

The students applied their knowledge however were particularly stronger in the final part of the cycle, focused at the retail and selling of garments, showing a lack of knowledge in the design and production side. Following this, Jenny then took the students onto The Factory floor to give them an insight to the Design Life Cycle in true form.

Following the steps of The Design Cycle, Jenny began the tour at the fabric section – showing students where the fabric arrives, how it is stored, even giving them a sneak peak into some of the most popular fabric types in use for next season. 

The tour then progressed into cutting and machinery and the different types of industrial machines used and processes that go into making a garment – from seam detail to high-end finishes. Students were advised to take notes throughout, paying key attention on the skills and techniques applied to ensure production is ran smoothly and completed to a high standard.

Students were then shown to the finishing sector – here they learnt about the procedures in place to finish and check a garment and correct any faults that could cause it to fail a quality check. 

Jenny then introduced students to The Stitching Academy and Apprenticeship programme, training opportunities in place, hugely supported by big brands such as ASOS in helping bring manufacturing back to Britain. The students were particularly surprised to see the variety of new and different pathways into the fashion industry, keen to know the requirements and next available start dates of The Stitching Academy.

The tour finished on a recap of The Design Cycle followed by a Q&A and insight to Fashion Enter’s future ventures.

“I have learnt more about the production of clothes, and lots of information about how to get yourself into the industry. The seminar was very informative and interesting and thank you for showing us around” – Rachel

“I learnt how a factory works and clothing production and safety. Thank you for the fun and interesting opportunity and I would love to get an apprenticeship” – Avil




  If you would like to visit Fashion Enter for an educational visit, please contact jenni@fashion-enter.com

Find out which other universities and colleges have paid Fashion Enter a visit here: http://fashioncapital.co.uk/index.php/Services/TheFactory.html


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