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A Day Out to The Seaside – Jenny Holloway Blog


“We have been at the Factory now over a year and every year I undertake appraisals with the staff.  That’s all staff!  Currently standing at 84 including freelancers.

Many of our workforce do not have English as a first language and so appraisals are always interesting.  Sometimes I can undertake appraisals in a specific ethnic group; other times one to one.

These appraisals were different however …the Factory is performing well. We are doubling our production with M&S and our sales with asos.com continue to grow. Our training provision has been superb under the direction of Wendy Colley and her able assistant Keeley Smith; I felt it was time to thank the staff for all their hard efforts.

However what surprised me was the fact that many of the ladies that work here do have children and many send money home to their families. Many see their job as the main part of their life and have not even ventured outside of the Haringey borough and not visited London. No one had been to the seaside so we had to do something about this!

On Saturday we went off to South End on Sea. The day was mixed weatherwise ranging from blistering sunshine to thunder and lightning. There was no way we could keep 84 people together so naturally there were groups of people that pottered off and had fun, but there was a common place where every on met and that was the fun fair at Adventure Island.

In particular the big dipper called Rage!

I was flabbergasted by the amount of ladies that went up on Rage – with a 180 degrees vertical drop it took some effort as you can see by the delightfully attractive photo below!




After such a thrilling time (!) we had to steady those nerves by going on to a mellower ride!




No trip to the seaside would be complete without fish and chips; however we did lose Stitching Academy Tutor, Leyla’s chips to the seagulls!

The slot machines and amusement arcades came next…I had no idea we had such big gamblers…

Then came the rain so where else could we go but the pub! As there were so many of us in there in high spirits, we had to celebrate with a game of ‘bunnies..!’


Somehow I don’t think Leyla quite got this game of bunnies as you can see!

Strangely the pub proved to be a popular place to be! Alongside some of the top tourist attractions, including the pier and the beach. 




As we all met at the end of the day, in time to head back to Haringey, it was great to meet up with all the machinists, we were delighted to see Lina’s winnings of the day!



What a great turnout for the seaside trip; it was a really fun day and our way to say a big thank you for everyone’s contribution at Fashion Enter! Next year it’s Miami!



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