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LFW Feb 14: Napsugar von Bittera


New to the Fashion Scout schedule Napsugar, which means sunshine in Hungarian, felt the presentation option gave her more freedom than a traditional catwalk show. Models and ballet dancers clad in Napsugar designs would chat and pose on the phone and a rank of aircraft seats alongside pop art slogans ‘POP’ and ‘WHAM’ as well as a giant tub of popcorn to create a rather colourful scene. The references, and there were plenty, ranged from the seven cardinal sins, to the Pop Art movement to international travel and communication.

Her collection comprised of immaculate oversize laser-cut leather jackets, a collection highlight, combined with white tailored shirts, minimal turtlenecks, knee-length circle skirts and navy shorts. The overall look was clean and androgynous with attention to detail which borrowed from contemporary Cubist architecture.


Styled with knee-high socks in pillar box red or mid blue the graphic pop-art feel was referred to again and worked well with her colour block palette of black, white and navy.

Napsugar was one of the designers selected by Dolce & Gabbana for their Spiga 2 store in Milan and with her quoted love for the city of London I am sure we will be seeing more from her over the coming seasons.

By JoJo Iles

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