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LFW Feb 14: Mark Fast



While some of the knits arrived short on the thigh they were balanced out with enveloping oversize jackets and cocooning coats. A variety of more modest lengths were introduced throughout stopping anywhere between the knee and ankle.

Twin sets, pencil dresses and flattering tapered trousers were worn with his winning slouchy jackets, cardigans and robe style coats. Silhouettes dropped at the shoulders, taking Fast’s designs into new territory while the wide sleeves and belted waists gave a kimono-style feel.


Arriving in an array of shades including mid-blue and sunset orange to muted browns and berries, pieces were graphically emphasised with eye-catching black lines and subtle textures.

All styled with clumpy, metallic brothel creepers the look was casual, slightly 90’s while erring on the sophisticated side. Not without its intricacies the chenille and merino combo knits were worked into many desirable shapes with plenty of practical and tactile appeal – perfect for those stormy winter days.

By JoJo Iles

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