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A Day In The Life of an Apprentice – Abbie


Being at Fashion Enter I am forever doing a huge variety of tasks day to day, I could spend one day helping QC packing garments and the next be up to my eyeballs in e-mails whilst issuing contracts.

Starting at 8:00 everyday I always start the day with my routine tasks and checks. These usually consist of testing the fire alarm (only once a week), issuing time sheets to all our staff, collecting invoices, checking my e-mails (from this I write a to-do list), confirming with my line managers what they need me to do today and then if I have time..grab a cup of tea.

From here on I complete my to-do list throughout the day by prioritising my tasks. Occasionally I am sent off to retrieve some fabric or search for a pattern, although small, these tasks are above all prioritised, as often these items hold up production if we don’t have them to hand. It is also likely that I could be asked to deliver samples to a client, this is something that normally has to be done as soon as possible which is why it is so important to prioritise my tasks so I never leave an urgent one unfulfilled.


Here at The Studio I never run out of things to do, usually after lunch once I have (hopefully) completed by to-do list I am able to help out with either the cutting, filing, general organising and tidying, catching up on progress sheet updates or completing my HR duties. I always have to manage my time so carefully, especially when HR involves me being away from The Studio, I am currently in the process of issuing revised contracts to all members of staff which is perfect for me to improve my time juggling skills.

When it comes to 3pm I round up my day by checking I have completed my to-do list and then outlining any task’s I didn’t have time for and carrying them over to the next day.

In the last hour of the day I ensure I have completed all the tasks I started , tidy my work area and the items I was using and then there’s usually a small task I have forgotten to note down during the day and end up running round last minute trying to get it done!

Least to say working here at Fashion Enter no two days are the same, I am lucky having the opportunity to fulfil such a range of tasks!

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