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Alexa Chung Turns 30


Her distinctive personal style and ability to style androgynous silhouttes with hints of feminine details throughout makes Alexa Chung a muse to many fashion designers.

                          alexa_1  alexa_4


Often appearing on the best dressed list, a regular model for Vogue, Elle and Harper’s Bazaar she can often be found gracing the front row at fashion shows, Chung has just celebrated her 30th birthday, and we are celebrating those 30 years in style.

With one of the world’s most enviable wardrobes and even a Mulberry bag named after her, Alexa Chung has won British Style Icon three year’s running at the British Fashion Awards. Her style is a laid back, boyish, ‘I can’t really be bothered” indie look yet still manages to capture the world of fashion and inspire numerous trends and designers.

Pulling together some beautiful, well styled creations and wowing us all every step of the way, she adds her own effortless chic twist to any outfit. Chung simply wears whatever she wants to wear.



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