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Silvia Campbell & Mr. Jimmy Choo – My Dream That Came True



{mosimage} I have always admired his talent and his beautifully finished shoes, and been mystified by his personal low profile despite the global success of the company that he founded and bears his name. As a stroke of good fortune I discovered that we have a mutual friend who made some discrete enquiries on my behalf. I was amazed when a few days later I received a phone call from Jimmy Choo Couture, inviting me to spend some time working for Jimmy Choo himself. I was so exited that I forgot about everything what was going on around me. We hope to get a glance of our heroes somewhere in the street and possibly getting their autographs, but the chance to work with Mr Choo was right off the scale for me.


 Jimmy Choo Couture is his own custom couture footwear business independent of the Jimmy Choo company that he left in 2001. His new business has put him back in touch of the gentle art of hand-made craftsmanship. He told me about learning to make shoes at the age of 8 or 9, and how he learnt the process of making shoes before coming to London to study couture design. He is passionate about training and learning, spending significant amounts of time as a global travelling lecturer, giving back to the industry that has given so much to him.


{mosimage} He struck me as a very modest, caring and thoughtful man, characteristics that are not renowned in the cut and thrust world of high fashion. Instead of designing shoes for the global market, he now provides a highly personal service to a few lucky customers. It was to support him in this capacity that I was invited to work with him.


 My role was to design and make prototypes under his consultation and guidance, working closely with his team of craftsmen based in the West End. Jimmy took the time to take me through the end to end process, presenting a remarkable attention to the details of the making process that set him apart from the rest. I have learnt a great deal from my time working with him, and I learn something new whenever I get to spend time with him. Like many successful people his time is in short supply, however, and I am left to cherish the support and guidance he has offered, and press on with renewed enthusiasm for my chosen profession.


Check back soon for a read of Silvia Campbell’s day to day experience with shoe master Jimmy Choo and further diary updates…



By Silvia Campbell – Footwear Specialist








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