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Onward for Westwood!


are the meek and certainly no exception is made of our dearly beloved
self-effacing fashion aficionado Dame Vivienne Westwood (VW), who after a 9
nine year absence is back for London Fashion Week with her 08/09
Red Label collection
closely in tow for all to breathlessly appreciate and
admire. Bashfully, VW said this of her highly anticipated return: "We
are back by popular demand. The sales of all of our lines are increasing and we
decided that the Red Label, which is successful worldwide and so popular in the
UK, should have its own show."

Apparently reserving her Gold Label line for a perhaps more prestigious
Parisian crowd, demure Ms Westwood will once again grace our catwalks here in
the UK in February with yet another trendsetting range of elegant, sexy and
meticulously tailored day/evening wear and signature knitwear that was launched
back in '94 to bring such stylish, British sensibilities to a broader scope of
consumers who find themselves drawn to VWs innovative Savile Row tailoring and
French couture inspired work.


Contact the press office on 0207 287 3188 pressoffice@viviennewestwood.co.uk
for further enquiries on VW and her Red Label range.

By Ant Standring






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