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Rebecca Minkoff Faces Fines


4c92f4731b8fb3e5_0-rebeccaminkoff-xxxlarge_1The fine comes as a result of not meeting the workplace safety standards at a wilful and serious violation, in the brand’s Manhattan head office.

Alerts were raised after employees complained about certain work areas being “overcrowded and congested with boxes, rolling racks, workstations, chairs equipment, storage and other materials

Alexandra Boet, chief financial officer of Rebecca Minkoff, said, “The most important thing to Rebecca Minkoff LLC is the welfare and safety of our employees” Ensuring that since the problem was raised action has been taken to improve the workplace and the fine is being disputed. “We are a rapidly growing company and are moving into a new and custom-built space in the first week of December that is three times the size of our current location.”

Minkoff has been given 15 days to pay the fine and change the existing working conditions to a suitable standard.



Image from JustShopping


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