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Retail Winners & Losers Over Christmas



Here are some of the winners and losers from the retail sector over the Christmas period:

Supermarkets such as Lidl and Waitrose both experienced a growth in sales, but for supermarkets such as Tesco, it was difficult to match last year’s performance. Lidl’s growth in sales over Christmas soared to double digits whilst Waitrose managed a 4% increase. Tesco suffered as sales were down by 2.3%.

Another loser this year was Mothercare. The baby product retailer felt the pain of a 9.9% decrease in sales, far from a successful year.

next_storeA winner this Christmas was Next, they established an astonishing 12% growth in sales over Christmas. Next bypasses nearly every retailer on the high street, including Marks & Spencer, their main competition. Next held back on slashing prices until Boxing Day, this may have given them the edge.

The John Lewis department store managed a 7% growth in their sales in comparison to last year. Despite being classified as a different retailer to Waitrose, John Lewis has performed perfectly online and in store.

Debenhams was an interesting case. With a 1% decrease in sales this Christmas they could be considered a ‘loser’ in the retail sector. However, Debenhams online sales rose by 27%. More people this year shopped online than in previous years, confirming the trend of consumers preferring to shop online rather than visit the high street.

WINNERS: Next (12%), John Lewis (7%), Waitrose, Lidl

LOSERS: Tesco (down 2.3%), Mothercare (down 9.9%),

Debenhams (down 1%), online up – 27%

By Charlotte Cavanagh





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