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Wandsworth Fashion Project Takes Candidates to a Textile Masterclass


2youthwandsworthFollowing their visit to The Factory last week, the 10 were invited back to take part in a textile masterclass after their innovative design skills and passion for the project shone through to the judges. Candidates were treated to an in-depth presentation on designers of the future, the problems that may arise and how to overcome them for their future careers. They then were able to show off their design skills further, by creating a 3 colour geometric design and adding this to their existing design to adapt before being shown how to embroid. 

The candidates also had the opportunity to meet and speak to the Mayor of Wandsworth, Angela Graham. 

“Today I learnt about the ethics of fashion design and future materials for the fashion industry. I enjoyed creating new design patterns from my original design.”   Imogen Murphy

“I learnt about the background and issues of where our clothes come from. Also, new embroidery techniques and stitches e.g. satin and split stitch. I really enjoyed using the heat press to create my pattern.” Fahima Alim

The final 10 will go onto take part in a design masterclass on the 15th February, before being given time to use their skills gained during the classes to apply and create their designs, where they will be presented to the Wandsworth Mayor.

The winner of the project will go onto develop their skills and see their design come to life, styled and modelled in a professional photo shoot. Before going onto be displayed in Pump House Gallery in Battersea Park, alongside other top designers work.

You can find out full information on the competition and keep up to date with the project here.

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