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Champions Don’t Wear Fur



The police confiscated the snow bunnies’ signs and passports, before ordering them to leave the Olympic Park area. The snow bunnies are in Sochi to let people know that wearing the skins of animals that are beaten, electrocuted or strangled to death is unacceptable. The skin of foxes, sheep, dogs and rabbits belongs to the animals – it shouldn’t be used for coats, collars and cuffs.


“The Olympics are a celebration of life and strength, but animals used for fur know only pain and death”, says PETA snow bunny Hope Carveth. “By refusing to wear skins, anyone can be a winner for the millions of animals raised for their skin, who are never afforded the opportunity to engage in basic behaviour such as running, jumping and swimming.”

Russia buys more fur clothing and accessories than any other country.


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