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BBC Visit The Factory



TV journalist Fiona Bruce from BBC News interviewed the CEO of ASOS, Nick Robertson, to discuss production in the UK.

The Fashion Enter Factory currently produces 85% of their production output for ASOS as a part of ASOS’ move into British manufacturing. ASOS currently manufacture around 15% of their garments in the UK.

After meeting with Nick, Fiona then went on to visit the ASOS Stitching Academy, located within the Factory premises, here she learnt about the Level 1 course. The Stitching Academy is the UK’s first ever National Apprenticeship in Fashion & Textiles Apparel which aims to get 120 young people a Level 1 qualification in Stitching Skills through a six-week internship.

Finding out about the different training available to help bring manufacturing back to Britain, Fiona went on to talk to past and current learners. She asked them how the course will benefit their future fashion careers and how they plan on using the skills and knowledge gained to progress within the industry.

Don’t forget to tune in – the report will air this Friday 14th February 2014 on BBC News at 10pm.

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