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LFW Feb 14: Zoe Jordan


No surprise, given her F1 Boss father Zoe’s A/W 14 collection was full of race-car attire. The dirt road scenery played a strong role in Jordan’s latest designs, girl-racers were decked in leather overalls and boiler suits emblazoned with badges and Zoe’s logo. The theme was carried through to accessories and the scenery; blacked out visors were worn on the heads of models, disguised as sunglasses and tyres decorated the presentation space. The minimal pieces often were decorated with leather inserts and metallic stripes giving the appearance of sportswear.

Sticking to her minimal ways, the colour palette was full of monochrome, dusky greys, oxblood and an occasional touch of electric blue.


Hints of a softer side to the collection came through, a staple favourite of the designer, sports luxe was replaced with matured suits, boxy shapes and tailoring, the pieces were plain yet made an impact through intricate detailing. Through clever use of fabric the two-piece suits were styled to create a sophisticated yet contemporary look.

Often paired with a sharp shirt, metallic made a reoccurring appearance this season, a staple was the ribbed leather jacket spray printed silver and then once again on the pockets of a long wool coat.

A little different to what we’re used to from the designer, yet it worked, and had Zoe Jordan written all over it. Not just via the badges decorating the race car attire but from the updated minimal yet wearable pieces that Jordan is so well known for.

By Zoe Barrow

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