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All That Glitters is Not Gold – RIP L’Wren Scott


Lwren_with_mick“It was with genuine sadness that I read about the death of L’Wren (pictured with Jagger right); not because she was a top end designer but because she was a troubled human being that could only see one way out of her financial and personal woes. All the quotes from the many celebrities of fashion are so quick to endorse L’Wren’s creative talents but where were the sales? Where was the genuine advice to help her when she needed the support most?

I have mentored young designers for almost 15 years. I often hear how the aspirations are for their collections to be at LFW and costs of development, marketing, grading, production, labelling et al are a far away thoughts in their business plans (if a plan exists!)

So please all designers out there look at your collection as a business. It’s not a just a passion. You have to be grounded and make money. Yes of course the brand identity counts but there are ways and means of achieving your eventual goals. Remember from little acorns….

L’Wren was truly inspirational and sincere heart felt thoughts go to her family and friends from everyone at FashionCapital. This was a tragedy that should never have happened.”
– Jenny Holloway



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