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Make it British Says Bright New Brand NEON



The launch brand combines meticulous British craftsmanship with innovative new design to create a bold range of luxury trainers.

The family-run Northampton factory, which produces NEON trainers, has a heritage of over 100 years in the footwear business and utilises this experience to construct modern and carefully crafted footwear.  For NEON ‘Born in Britain’ is not just a slogan, it is an ethos which runs through their materials, manufacture and design.


The benefits of manufacturing in the UK are vast, from being able to control order sizes, avoiding high import taxes, to monitoring quality control and the assurance of quality craftsmanship.  With NEON footwear not only can buyers choose colour and fabric combinations but can also benefit from short production times and the ability to make last minute orders.

Head designer and managing director at NEON, Sarah-Jayne Newey, comments:

“After years of working with major retail brands, where materials and items were imported from foreign factories, we decided that with NEON we would do something different.  A key element of the brand is its British heritage, from design through to production.  It was important for us to source a high quality footwear manufacturer based in the UK that we could work with to make our ideas a reality.  We visit the factory regularly and have been able to adjust and amend our designs, even slightly to ensure that we are 100% happy with the final product.  Something we would not be able to do if we had chosen to manufacture abroad.

“There is so much innovation in the UK fashion industry and we are proud to be part of this, the UK also has a long history of fashion and we think that more and more brands will look closer to home when it comes to design and production.”


NEON footwear was launched in January 2014 at Scoop International and is designed with style-conscious women in mind; the entire shoe, including the wedge, is a single block colour using the same sumptuous leathers and hides throughout. With the Autumn/Winter 14-15 collection focusing on bold pops of colour and metallics these trainers and high tops are already a hit with the fashion pack and will be available to order or buy very soon!



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