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Remaining Devoted To Designers When Times Revolutionize?


katies_fashion_fairground_logoIt can come as somewhat of a sudden shock when a designer you rely on for fashion continuity suddenly embarks on a whole new collection that expresses completely opposite looks to what the designer lover has become accustomed to, ultimately throwing the customer into a state of disarray. But are we able to accept total variation within our wardrobes when our designers explore very diverse style paths, fundamentally embracing a state of change?

I suppose you could compare the analogy to dining at your favourite restaurant, where you order the same delicious bacon, Swiss cheddar and chilly infused prime cut burger time after time, to then one day, discover as you place your order, you receive the devastating news that your burger has been replaced by a stupid skinny, healthier alternative that contains half the calories and half the pleasure. Yes, this has happened to me. Coincidentally, I no longer requite the premises. #worstdayever.


Take Céline for instance, sexy sophistication combined with an minimalist edge is the overall vibe that Phoebe Philo has created for the label since she took the reins five years ago. The Céline girls have transformed their new-and-improved image into their day-to-day wardrobes, occupying a loyal following to Phoebe and wearing oversize coats, funnel-neck jumpers, slouchy trousers and twisty tops. Fully committed, and more than comfortably content to the Céline image, has opinions altered since the label’s latest Spring/Summer 14’ miscellaneous style offerings?

The silhouettes were surely proverbial, but that’s where comparisons come to an abrupt halt. Time to enter all things indisputably new. Colour clashes, brash tones, graffiti prints, it certainly conveyed the maximalist approach with an abundance of arts-and-crafts elements. It appeared as though the collection of psychedelic paints had been splattered over tops, skirts, and dresses and oversized collared coats. Will this vast fashion differentiation cast a conundrum to the Céline superfan?


Céline wasn’t the only designer to champion change for Spring/Summer 14’, as it appeared obvious that many other labels adopted mini-makeovers too. Demure and sleek depict the Miu Miu image, yet for spring it was totes girly. Consuela Castiglioni normally immerses Marni’s collections with her signature optical prints, but this season conveyed a powerful concentration on texture, plain and crinkled. Artsy prints with a sprinkle of adornment via feather appliqué were witnessed at Jil Sander, ultimately conjuring up a contrast between her famously inconspicuous styles; pleated minis replaced midi lengths at Victoria Beckham, showcasing a younger, sportier essence; and black & white were the only hues to be found in Erdem’s collection.


It has to be said that those who possess a good acceptance of fashion will ultimately recognize that this world of intervention is how the industry game works. After all, what would be the point in designers producing similar looks over and over, when fashion, essentially, represents a continuing journey in the direction of the new? Injected with a dose of variation, it is this underlying factor that keeps fashion alive, and the designers mentioned above illustrate this understanding impeccably. By opening yourself personally to change, you will be part of an ongoing evolution, following fashion on its exciting, embryonic expedition.



Words by Katie Farley

Freelance Fashion Stylist & Fashion Writer


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